51 PEG - Release New Album "A\VOID"

Industrial/Rock band 51 PEG are pleased to announce the release of their new album A\VOID. This is their first release after a 14 year hiatus.

After garnering a following in the Mid-Atlantic region in the mid-2000's and sharing the stage with acts such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Orgy, and The Birthday Massacre, the band is back with a 16-track offering that builds on their unique blend of the alt rock, goth, prog, and industrial genres.

"A\Void bearing all the hallmarks of the band’s previous work – striking melodies, complex progressions, and top-notch musicianship… but now, much more finely tuned, honed, sharpened into an eloquently produced industrial/rock package. With such a strong showing after 14 years, 51 Peg has certainly made the 14-year-long wait worth our while." - ReGen

Track List:

1. A Void
2. No Ctrl
3. Another Nothing
4. Coded in Time
5. Acceptance
6. Prying Eyes
7. Super Spy
8. Night Things
9. Parachute and Savior
10. Cat Scan
11. Now and What Used to Be
12. Death March
13. Zero Zero
14. Walk Through Me
15. The Light That Lit Your Way
16. The Void