UNIMAGINED - Release New Single and Video "She Was Scared Of Storms"

Unimagined have released a  new single and music video "She Was Scared Of Storms", taken from the upcoming "Friendless" EP, out may 27th, 2019.

Stream and Save/Win free merch: http://unimagined.standbyrecords.com/

First congregated in matrimony of makeup & feedback in 2017, Unimagined has been a tour de force of explosive live performances & theatrical presentation in their local St. Louis scene. Donning eccentric outfits & a penchant for dramatics, this six-piece whatever-core troupe simply ooze attitude & flair. Watching their electrifying live set & listening to their meticulously produced record, one can quickly find that their image & message boils down to one thing;

"Fuck what the cool kids are doing."

Loud, unapologetic, violent yet heartfelt, Unimagined constantly strives for new heights of creativity. Never ones afraid to stray from the traditional mold, they are a commodity in their scene, known always to draw a crowd & keep it snug in their pockets. They aren't here to make friends. They aren't here to impress the status quo. They are here to represent all of the weird kids the rest of the scene didn't want, & with the May 31st release of their debut EP "Friendless", they plan to do just that.