SWIM TO DROWN - Release New Video "Nightingale Floor", New Album "Fortress" Out In March

Spanish Nu-Metalcore act, Swim to Drown have released a new music video "Nightingale Floor", taken from the upcoming new album "Fortress", out March 7th, 2019.


1 - The Truth Nobody Knows
2 - Rōnin
3 - Nightingale Floor
4 - Eclipse
5 - Dance Macabra
6 - CL0TH3SL1N3
7 - Headless
8 - Heroes feat. ElDobleZero
9 - Party Crusher
10 - Broken Fishhook

“Swim to drown” is a 6 piece band from Zaragoza, Spain in 2015, though the band originated from a previous project “Flytrap” in 2010.

Having previously experimented with sounds coming from the metal scene, at present the band is characterised for their catchy / heavy rhytms accompanied by electronic bases, scratches, gutturals and melodic voices and of course, not forgetting all their 90's influences, the band set out to combine the best of modern metalcore elements with nu metal creating what is “Swim to Drown” today.

Their first EP “Swim to Drown” was released in May 2016. The band then started touring with bands like A.N.I.M.A.L, Infected Rain, Butcher Babies amongst others.

"Fortress" consists of 10 songs in which the band mixes Nu Metal from the 90s with the most current metal sounds and several touches of different musical styles, an eclectic cocktail set out to kill. The production, recording and mastering of this album has been carried out by Lucas Toledo, an art by Alejandro Gómez Parker.

Welcome to Fortress!