PROGENY OF SUN - Urges You Not To Be Sheep With Their New Single Futile Conversion!

Progeny Of Sun have release the first single "Futile Conversion" from upcoming EP.

Progeny of Sun is a Finnish melodic death metal from Seinäjoki/Helsinki. The band has two permanent members Jaakko Hautamäki - (instruments/mixing) and Niko Aromaa (vocals). The band was formed in 2017 and today they released a first single "Futile Conversion" from the upcoming self-titled EP due to be released March 22nd 2019 by Inverse Records.

Progeny of Sun's idea behind the band is freedom of speech, freedom from religions, being different in masses of popular waves. It takes strong opinions agains the main religions, leaders of the world and also digs deep in the world of mental state of humans.

Progeny of Sun itself means the people who are born under the same sun, following the various sun gods. Denying the self-determination in hope to be saved by the miracles and being controlled, navigated and dominated by wealth of world biggest companies.

Pre-save EP in Spotify:

Track List:

1. Fable God is Dead
2. Futile Conversion
3. Birthright Obligation
4. Darkest Corners of Black
5. Natural Leaders
6. End of Zen