LIARS & THIEVES - Signed At Bastardized Recordings

The guys from Wuppertal and Cologne inked a deal and will release their debut album "Thaumatrop“ through Bastardized.
Their music creates a dark dystopia of atmospheric sounds and harmonious melodies. Progressive Hardcore accompanies melancholic lyrics. "Thaumatrop" deals with issues such as social and environmental wrongdoing, as well as issues that urgently need a solution, but receive little attention. People who do not conform to the norm are stigmatized for social, religious or political reasons. The album wants to be thought-provoking while remaining in the head.
Recorded and mastered by Markus Esch and Aljosha Sieg at Pitchback Studios.

The band commented: "Since we started this band, we were always fueled with passion to produce music with a message others can relate to. In order to promote our first LP „Thaumatrop“ we looked for someone to support us reaching a wider audience. Luckily, in Bastardized we found a partner with entrepreneurial spirit that values creativity and innovation. We are excited about a common future and we are proud to become a part of the Bastardized Family."