THE ANIX - Unveil New Video "Black Space"

Electronic-rock artist/producer The Anix released his cyberpunk inspired full-length album Shadow_Movement in Fall 2018, as his debut release with independent record label FiXT. Shortly after, L.A. based composer Brandon Smith began a cross-country collaboration with noted NYC photographer and videographer Ruslan Pelykh on an official music video for "Black Space". Inspired but the architecture of industrialized New York City, "Black Space" features unique shots and aerial views of the city and the tech inspired aesthetics of The Anix.

"This is my second collaboration with The Anix; I really like his music, dark and futuristic aesthetic so I’m always glad to work in this style!"

Ruslan Pelykh Ruslan’s work has been featured by major brands/outlets like Versace, PUMA, Victoria Secret, Nike NYC, Leica, PONY, Barney’s, Alexander Wang, and outlets like Highsnobiety, Hypebeast and SHOWstudio. His work has also been featured at the International Film Festival and Fashion Week (Canada/US).

"Typical shooting process of music videos is not really my thing. I like to improvise a lot and try new methods of shooting. Brandon gives me full creative freedom and is open to visual ideas. So I got an idea of what I wanted to shoot, took my camera and spent a few nights walking around the city, under the rain. I never use any additional equipment, all my videos are shot from my hands only with a small camera.

I wanted to find an industrial NYC location that isn't very well known. My visual inspiration was Blade Runner, the 1982 original; it’s funny though that actual movie location is LA, not NYC.

I really like the lifeless concrete and glass buildings and feel comfortable around them. I actually live in an industrial area like this, and a few shots in the video were made from my apartment window." - Ruslan Pelykh 

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