NEED2DESTROY - About To release Their Debut Album "Show"

Following the critically acclaimed EP “Genoma” which surpassed all expectations and caused a stir in the German metal underground, need2destroy are going to release their first album “SHOW” in January 2019.

Recorded at the Presskopp Studios in Frankfurt, the songs present once more the musical range of the multicultural band from Southern Germany. Aggression and fury on the one hand, melodies and emotions on the other hand seem to be the right words to describe the sound of need2destroy.

Sometimes the music is sentimental and accentuated, then again it goes the whole nine yards. Add to that some charismatic Latino lead vocals exploring effortlessly the boundaries between growls and a tenor.

“SHOW” captures and infects the listener. The songs are authentic and groove with ease through the various stylistic elements of metal and rock.


1 Show 03:58
2 Schokolade mit Senf 03:03
3 La Cholera 04:29
4 Viva los Vatos Locos 04:18
5 Super Chango 03:58
6 Legal / Illegal 02:44
7 Enfermo 03:49
8 Hijo de Puta 03:32
9 Luda ribica 03:30
10 Contaminacion 04:02
11 Enfermo (Akustik) 04:21
12 Kiss My Ass 02:51
13 El Arrogante 04:13