WINDRUNNER - Release Debut Full Length 'MAI'

The day has arrived, and WINDRUNNER are ecstatic to finally give to the world their latest effort, 'MAI'.

It's been three long years since the quintet debuted on the Vietnamese and the world scene with their first ever EP, VUI, and after some time off to write, refine their sound, and tour, the metallers are back in full force, with an astounding debut that's been slowly but surely climbing the charts.

Gaining comparisons to bigger bands such as JINJER (thanks to female powerhouse Duong taking the lead in the vocal department), Architects, and ERRA, WINDRUNNER don't leave much to the imagination and rather make sure to hook listeners in right from the get-go. While it might be a little last minute to add another album of the year contender to the list, the group's music will speak for itself and demand a spot on playlists, radio stations, and phones of fans alike.

Guitarist Trung wanted to share some thoughts on the album and the journey the band has undertaken: "It has been an incredible journey to get to this point. This is something all of us have always dreamed of, and today it comes true. We feel incredibly lucky to have received so much support along the way and we can't be more grateful for each and every person's support throughout the years. Thanks to the amazing team at Famined Records for believing in us and working day and night to help us put out this release. We have poured our hearts and soul into this album and we hope you feel that too."

The album is now available worldwide for purchase or stream and bundles will still be up for a limited time, so get yours here: