UNDERØATH - Aaron Gillespie On "Not Knowing What He's Doing" On Drums and Why You Shouldn't Either

Aaron Gillespie won't say it himself, but he was born to play the drums. The UnderØATH drummer and vocalist has no clear recollection of wanting to play music–instead, only a faint memory of a primal draw to the aesthetic of the drum kit that has been the impetus for the raw emotional inetria behind UnderØATH's storied career for the last two decades.

In this APTV exclusive, Gillespie recalls his early days practicing to his dad's record collection and drumming behind a church choir. He also describes his goals as a musician and details the challenges of playing and drumming at the same time and which UØ record has proven to be the most challenging to perform songs from live. 

Gillespie also muses on the importance of maintaining a decorum with fans and weighs in on what it really means to be an influential drummer and why serving the lyric of the song is infinitely more important than technique and time signatures.