NEVER LOVED - Sign to Rude Records in Partnership with Equal Vision Records, First Single “Dead Inside” Out Now

Alternative rock quartet Never Loved is thrilled to announce that they have signed to Rude Records in partnership with Equal Vision Records. In addition, the band has released their very first taste of what’s to come with their first single, “Dead Inside”. You can check out the video above. It comes from Never Loved’s forthcoming debut EP, set to be released in 2019.

“Dead Inside is a song about how I fight the frustration of feeling stagnant in life sometimes. It’s a battle of letting the feeling of being stuck consume me versus overcoming it”, shares lead singer Camm Knopp. “I’ll catch myself in this pattern where I let negative thoughts and emotions build up, but then I eventually stop and tell myself, ‘Come on, you’re better than this’”.

He continues: “I’ve realized that there will always be these negative thoughts and emotions, and the way to overcome them isn’t by pretending they don't exist. It’s a matter of choosing what thoughts and emotions I put my energy into, which is truly easier said than done. Sometimes you just gotta say fuck you to the ‘feels’”.

Hailing from the sunny shores of South Florida, Never Loved is set to captivate audiences with their electrifying choruses & loud, gritty guitars. Keep an eye out for more to come as the band has just finished recording with multi-platinum producer Matt Squire.