THIRTY NIGHTS OF VIOLENCE - Share First Single “To Die In Your Portrait”

Today, Nashville newcomers, Thirty Nights Of Violence, announced their debut EP "To Die In Your Portrait" alongside the first taste of their new music in the form of the scathing title track that premiered on Metal Injection. The EP, coming out October 26th, coincides with their newfound partnership with the underground heavy bastion, Unbeaten Records (Left Behind, Orthodox, Queensway).

Speaking on the occasion the band says:

 “Our goals initially with this project were to do something unconventional in the Nashville area and really challenge ourselves as musicians. We very much look forward to our future with Unbeaten Records.”

Over the past few months, Thirty Nights Of Violence have been slowly bubbling underneath the east coast hardcore and metal scene, making waves despite only having a few live performances under their belt. Now ready to be unleashed on the underground, their four track EP is metallic hardcore taken to a new level. It perfectly balances technical syncopation, brief melodic breaks and harsh brutality in a way that’s seldom been seen before.

To Die In Your Portrait Tracklisting:

1. Frontal Cortex
2. To Die In Your Portrait
3. Apathy In Greyscale
4. Separate