SUMMER BREEZE 2019 - Announced Meshuggah

Good things come to those who wait, they say… For many years they have been high on Summer Breeze wishlists, for many years they have tried to get them – in 2019 they will finally be guests in Dinkelsbühl: MESHUGGAH!!!

With the booking of these gentlemen from Umeå, Sweden, a dream comes true not only for many of you, but also for ourselves. After all, the experimental metal band have been writing metal history since 1987. Their style is difficult to categorize and can roughly be described as progressive death thrash with jazz influences. In the end it doesn’t matter though. What counts is that MESHUGGAH have influences sooo many bands AND that they are finally coming to Dinkelsbühl in 2019! To our very own SUMMER BREEZE! Yeah! Nuff said!!!

Summer Breeze festival is happening between August 14th – 17th, 2019 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.