On Saturday, September 29th, we were invited at the Counterweight EP "Life Thread" release show. Which was held in their home town of Klagenfurt, ((stereo)) Club. The support or special guests were 3 other Austrian bands: Altar of I, In This Temple and We Blame The Empire.

At 18.00. the doors of the club opened and we arrived just on time to catch the first band.

The first band to perform should have been "Cutting Ties", but due to the illness of the vocalist they were replaced by another local band "Altar Of I". The club was almost half full when they started. Somewhere half through the performance more people moved closer to the stage and some movement started to happen. The band has started to record their debut EP, called "Identity", which will be released in winter 2018/19. Although they are a fairly new band, the members all have a background from before. They are a modern band, all kinds of influences can be heard in their sound, all from melodic death to metal core and in the structures of the songs there is something we have heard before but in their own representation they manage to make a fresh sound.

The second band to hit the stage was In This Temple, a progressive Metalcore band, founded in 2013, is working on their second EP, which will be released on 3th of November. They already dropped a new video for the song "Flying Colours". The club was half full by the time they were through the set list and stayed like this until the end of the show. Another excellent band in the series that is approaching the social and personal issues through the lyrics, describing deep desires and wishes of the individuals personality.

Later we saw Post-Hardcore act, We Blame The Empire. A band founded in 2014. Their 2017 studio album: This Waves Wont take me is all about environmental and social issues. As they say, they are aware of their social responsibility and support the Sea Shepherd organisation any way they can. This influences can be heard all through the record, accompanied with the Sea Shepherd footage. The crowed was getting excited more and more with each song and were probably most energetic during the song "Broken Home". Really good show and the band we are looking forward to see them again!

After an entertaining intro and countdown, Metalcore outift and the stars of the night, “Counterweight took the stage over. We were glad to be able to catch the show and check them out again. The first time we saw them was in October last year, in the Music House in Graz. A dynamic, lively performance, full of interaction among the band and with the crowd. They enlarged the show as both vocalists from the previous performing bands: Jan Lukas from In This Temple and Sebastian "Borsti" Penninger from We Blame The Empire joined the stage during their gig. This is a band that totally leaves a lasting impression upon the audience. With all together strong stage presence, down to earth attitude and visually completed performances this band is definitely ready for the bigger stages. Guys, you have new fans for sure!

Austrian core scene is going really well for sure and all this bands definitely deserve your attention, so don't seat at home and move your asses to the shows and give them well deserved support!

p.s. We are terribly sorry for not having a lot of pictures to show and specially to Counterweight guys, but our Sd card was damaged and after two weeks of trying to repair, we solved what we could!