SAVES THE DAY - Release New Album ‘9’: An Autobiographical Account Of The History Of Saves The Day

"We are SO EXCITED to share our new album 9 with all of you, so turn up the record! You know we wrote it for you," proclaims Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley. Indeed, today marks the official release of ‘9’ - the new record from one of the most influential names to emerge from the alternative rock world in the past two decades, Saves The Day. This latest release, via Rude Records, is the band’s ninth studio album and their first in five years. When listened to together, the nine tracks tell the story of the band from the perspective of its founder, Chris Conley. The LP offers this first-ever autobiographical look into the band’s history in a way that is as exhaustive as it is poetic and makes the listener a part of the songwriting process. As Conley puts it “This album is the story of Saves The Day and my own personal journey through life, which all unfolded as my relationship with music progressed”. On the surface, ‘9’ chronicles the epic story of a group of kids from New Jersey who realized their dream and became an international sensation. On a deeper level, it shows how Conley “woke up” and became aware of his own consciousness through his relationship with music and the unbelievable adventures it has inspired since he formed the act in 1997.

Produced by Arun Bali and Saves The Day, with Bali also mixing and engineering the record, the current lineup of the band take the musicianship on ‘9’ to stratospheric new heights. With Conley at the helm, Saves The Day includes the virtuosic trio of guitarist Arun Bali, bassist Rodrigo Palma and drummer Dennis Wilson, who are the band's most consistent lineup to date. “At this point, I've actually dealt with the conflicts and the challenges in a lifelong career in music and now I have the guys that I could do this with forever and I'm living the dream again," Conley explains. Ultimately, ‘9’ is sonic evidence not only that there's a reason we are alive in the world but it's a miracle that Conley rightfully encourages us to celebrate. You can purchase9’ today, as well as, stream it on YouTube or Spotify.

In support of the new long-player, Saves The Day will be touring North America from November, joined by Kevin Devine and An Horse. The second leg of their North American run commences Feb 15 through March 8, with Special Guests Remo Drive & Mighty. All tickets are available now from

Saves The Day ‘9’ Tracklisting:

1. Saves The Day
2. Suzuki
3. Side By Side
4. Kerouac & Cassady
5. It's Such a Beautiful World
6. Rose
7. 1997
8. Rendezvous
9. 29

Saves The Day Released ‘9’ Via Rude Records (ROTW)/Equal Vision (N. America) On 26/10/18. Get It Now: