FALL - Drop New Single "Heir to Silence", About To Release 'The Dreamer of Tragedy' EP December 21

Texas Melodic Metallers FALL will release new EP The Dreamer of Tragedy on December 21. The first single, "Heir to Silence," from this follow-up to 2016 full-length The Insatiable Weakness is available for streaming below, as is the link to pre-order the EP.

Pre-order The Dreamer of Tragedy: fall1.bandcamp.com/album/the-dreamer-of-tragedy-2

The sound of FALL blends deep passion for music that often goes unheard, overlooked and marginalized while putting forth their own style in the mix. The music can ascend to blistering speeds with chaotic guitar riffing and rabid vocals, and then transition to a dark, melancholic place. With this new music, FALL presents to all The Dreamer of Tragedy, a collection of four songs crafted (and for the first time) written by the band as a whole. Taking a step back from the extreme and the chaos - a look inward is prioritized and made apparent. Bringing ghostly sounds to life with their instruments paired with lyrics confronting the fears of the self, loss, grief and the afterlife, FALL hopes to connect and gain audience with this small gift of music -made for all, including any who may stumble upon The Dreamer of Tragedy.

The Dreamer of Tragedy was recorded between December 16 - 21, 2017 at Southwing Audio in Houston, Texas. Additional vocals, guitar and bass recorded February 15 - 17, 2018 in Portland, Texas.

Pre-production, writing and performance by FALL. Engineering, production and mixing by Chris Kritikos and Craig Douglas. Mastering by Mark Lewis.

The Dreamer of Tragedy Track List

1. Ascend
2. Defender
3. Heir to Silence
4. Longing Spirits