DVSR - Release New Video "Ready For War"

Rap/Hip-Hop/Metal act, DVSR have released a new music video for "Ready For War", taking from the EP "Therapy".

"We are glad to be sharing this new version of Ready for War with you all. This single will be tying off our Therapy EP.

'Therapy’ was the result of rushing to create a product with a limited amount of time, resources, and on our part, effort. We did not harness what we are truly capable of and are going to compensate for that in full.

With this next record we have had ourselves locked in the lab and have allocated more hours, tested new methods of production and are trying new ways of applying our creativity. From pen to pad and rhythm to wav, this time we are fine-tuning every single detail. No limits, no boundaries. Our best material is yet to come..." - DVSR