STAIND - Aaron Lewis Talks About Song "Outside" and The Real Story Behind It (VIDEO)

Staind frontman, Aaron Lewis speaks out about thier hit "Outside" and how it all went down.
This video was filmed on June 22nd at Riverwind Casino Norman Ok.


  1. I believe this song is about narcissistic abuse. First verse "all those times I felt insecure..... for you"
    That's the insecurities the narcissist needs in order to feel unique and validated.

    Second verse "and I taste what I could never have" the narcissist didn't claim him, but she claimed the man she betrayed him with.

    Chorus "I can see through you" that's seeing past the facade.

    Third verse "and I lie here in bed, I can't mend"

    That's him recovering from the abuse. He didn't even want to find another girl. He just wanted to heal and move forward.


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