RISE UP + OVERDRIVE FESTIVAL 2018 - Show/Photo Report

Once agian we paid a visit to Austria to attend Rise Up and Overdrive festival in town of Kapfenberg, which happened between 6th and 7th July.
This two small, but great festivals joined forces for the first time to bring an awesome line-up. The first day on Friday was time for Rise Up and on the second day on Saturday it was Overdrive fest.

Rise Up line-up: Thy Art Is Murder, Emmure, Oceans Ate Alaska, Kingdom Of Giants, Give Em Blood, Sineater, Uzziel and Veins Of Suffering.

Overdrive line-up: Stick To Your Guns, Anti-Flag, Stray From The Path, All faces Down, Skywalker, Reverend Backflash, In This Temple and Silencer.

We could sadly attend only the first day of the festival, due to family obligations.

So we arrived in Kapfenber and Give Em Blood where playing on stage. We were really looking forward to see this band for the first time live. This is a powerful Austrian Metalcore band that split up in 2003 and thankfully they decided to came back in April 2016. Good stage presence, really well writen songs, gooves. We were not disapointed at all! We recomend if you ever have the chance to check this guys out!

Next to hit the stage were US Metalcore act, Kingdom Of Giants. We had a chance to see them last year in a small club in Graz, Austria.
The boys released not long ago a new single and made a music video also for "No Faith No Space". We could hear this and some other new tracks that have more melodic note to it. "Tunnel Vision" is one of their most powerful songs and this song keeps you moving no matter what! Well played all together, but we liked more the show in Graz last year, to be honest.

UK Progressive Metalcore outfit, Oceans Ate Alaska were next. The band released their album entitled "Hikari" in 2017. We saw them last year at Brutal Assault festival in Czech Republic and we were dissapointed.
Frontman Jake Noake couldn't deliver the clean vocals at all! This time around was a slightly better, but he proved once again that he can reach cleans that we could hear on the album. Overall not a bad performance, but also not a memorable one for sure.

Emmure don't need introduction at all! We all know what happned with 1/5 of the band in the past and they are now as four piece formation. We saw them with the new line-up at their last Impericon Festival show in Vienna, which was great!
The band released last year their new album, first with new formation, named "Look at Yourself". Frankie is a beast as usal and new songs as "Torch", "Flag Of The Beast" and "Natural Born Killers" prove that the band is going stronger than ever and in the right direction! Good show!

Thy Art Is Murder! The name says it all! This Deathcore force is impeccable! Some them so many times, that we lost the count. Saw them at Nova Rock festival in Austria just three weeks ago and the show was mind blowing!
They released their last album "Dear Desolation" last year and we could hear the new ones "Slaves Beyond Death", "The Son of Misery" and "Puppet Master as the cover of Rammstein's hit "Du Hast" and final as usal "Reign of Darkness". CJ is always so intertaining and has a special connection with German/Austrian audience. Even if you don't like this kind of music, you could not say that the guys didn't put a hell of a show!

For the final words. Congarts to the people in organization that pulled this amazing fests together, for the impressive line-up, that all run smothly and the to friendly people.

Give Em Blood

Kingdom Of Giants

Oceans Ate Alaska


Thy Art Is Murder