MOTION PICTURE - Release Their Cinematic Video "Disclosure"

Quebec City, QC Hard Rock/Metal Artists Motion Picture release their cinema inspired music video "Disclosure."

Disclosure is about the preconceived ideas that our lives are planned out by society when we are children. We are pushed into pursuing certain careers and to live our lives based on society standards, sacrificing who we really are and our happiness. The video follows the main character from childhood to being a grown adult and everything he experiences almost in storybook fashion. Disclosure will be on Motion Picture's upcoming album Far Wild Quest. Clues to each track off the upcoming album are also found in the video. Vocalist Pierre adds this about their upcoming album..

While "Disclosure" definitely reflects our tone as a band, it's just a foretaste of who we are and what we do.

The video for "Disclosure" was directed by Molecule Creative and beautifully shot in various location throughout Canada with a dramatic movie like feel. Motion Picture's upcoming album Far Wild Quest will be released later this year on Papillon Music.

Coming out straight from music college and deciding to fearlessly follow their dreams, taste and feelings instead of following the common path of University, Motion Picture started cooking in 2014 in a sexshop backstore. Making their way in a world where trap and hip hop is taking over, the mysterious canadian trio have been able express themselves from groovy to grandiose. Fusing their individual musician skills with the very best vibes of modern film scores, they became nothing more than a catchy rock band covered with massive orchestral sauce. Reminding hit soundtracks like Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar, Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Dark Knight, they’ve been able to blend rock and orchestra in a never seen before way, incorporating a wide range of feels and musical inspiration. Recording, producing and mixing their own art, Motion Picture is an upcoming act loaded with tone and personality, looking to sound like no one but themselves.