AETHERE - Drop New Single "Ash Of Existence"

Deathcore act, Aethere have released a new single "Ash Of Existence".

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Aethere is a 4 piece metal band from the Bay Area in California. Throughout their career they have endured changes that would eventually shape them into the band they are today. Founded by their drummer Josh Slater in 2009, they went through various members before solidifying the current lineup consisting of: guitarist Chris Tognetti, vocalist James Patton, and bassist Evan Yoshino. Crushing music accompanied by heavy lyrics dealing with dissociation and depression , the band brings something new and honest to the realm of heavy music they fall into. Elements of blackened deathcore, syncopated breakdowns, technical death metal, and nods to hardcore; Aethere’s sound is fueled by raw emotion while refusing to follow any genre guidelines that may be presented.