VALIS ABLAZE - Drop New Video "Reflections", Announce Founding Member Leaving The Band

Progressive Metal outfit, Valis Ablaze have released a tour recap/farewell video to "Reflections", their final single from "Boundless" album.

About the video:

"This video depicts the fun we've had on the road over many dates we played this summer with Perception and Unprocessed, including the final stop at UK Tech-Metal Fest."

Band also released a statement about the deaprture of founding member, drummer Rich New.


"Our drummer, Rich New, is leaving Valis Ablaze.
As a founding member of the band, we're very upset to see him go. Rich means a lot to us and has been integral to our internal processes, as well as a constant voice of reason and usually the sensible one on tour.
But we totally understand his desire to spend more time with his loved ones, starting a family and wish him nothing but all the best for his future.
Rich's last show will be Progmetalmadness this Saturday in London.

Here's a statement from Rich:

So with a heavy heart I am announcing that I'm stepping down from the drum throne with Valis Ablaze. After an incredible 6 years right from the start with Ash, I never thought it would be my time. I have incredible memories and I wish the band all the best for the future! I'll await my Download Festival Back Stage pass one day . . . 
To everyone else, thank you so much for supporting us on my adventure. For everyone who's listened to our music, come to our show and bought our merchandise (which i've most likely posted it to you!) - I thank you. Without you, the band wouldn't be where where it is now. We've achieved so much like having our first gig in the 40 cap Gryphon (Bristol) right up to touring the UK a few times and playing main stage UK Tech Fest. The band has a bright future so look out for them in a venue near you soon.

Lastly, thanks to my amazing family who supported me with the decision and I look forward to spending more time with family and loved ones. 

Music runs in my blood, drumming gives me energy and life. I'll not stop playing or being involved with music somehow. But for now, it's over and out.

Much love,