LOCKED OUT - Stream New EP "Dissociation"

Metalcore/Downtempo Deathcore act, Locked Out are streaming below brand new EP "Dissociation".


1. Dead End
2. Burden
3. Collateral Damage (feat. Daniel Burris)
4. Trauma
5. Chin Check

Locked Out started on a small idea and a big dream between the two friends Cody Cahill and Steven McCormack. they immediately knew that they wanted to make music that was an outlet for people people who’ve been through extreme trials, hardships, and suffer from mental disabilities in life, while still keeping the music refreshing, original, and destructively heavy. Through name changes, line up changes, and bumps in the road along a 3 year span, they met Nicolas Mower. A powerful guitarist who also had the same vision as the two. being a fan of progressive metal, he was out of his element. Despite being a fan of bands such as Polyphia and Invent Animate, he began tackling the slamming metalcore project full force and nailing every single task that was thrown at him. Between the 3 with the help of Anton Picchioni, (drummer of the famed east coast hardcore band BrickShot) on bass guitar. They have managed to put together a 6 song debut EP titled, “Dissociation”, which touches on subjects and topics nobody likes to talk about such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, and you guessed it, mental dissociation.