SKYND - Release Video For Second Single "Gary Heidnik" Featuring Jonathan Davis Of Korn

Industrial Rock act, Skynd have released a music video for their second single "Gary Heidnik", taken from the band's upcoming EP "Chapter 1."

"We were delighted that Jonathan Davis wanted to be a part of Gary Heidnik," say the band. "Working with him was an amazing experience and we are excited that the song and video are finally seeing the light of day."

SKYND’s lyrics reach deep, deep down into the sinister abyss of the human soul. In her own words «I want to get as close as possible to the evil that humans are capable of. I am obsessed with it. For weeks, months even, I’ve been trying to get into the heads of the most vicious, cruel killers. There is nothing more fascinating to me than people who have reached the boundary of their humanity.»