HUNG - Stream New Album "Serendipity"

Progressiv Metal/Djent duo, Hung have released their new album three weeks ago, called "Serendipity". Below you can stream this djent masterpiece!

"This album basically took over my life for the period of recording.

I spent hours every day polishing and rewriting parts only to come back and rewrite them again, trying to make them technically impressive but also interesting to listen to.
We worked for ages on fusing different genres into the music, incorporating references to other musicians, video game music and film soundtracks. It drove me insane to be honest but the aim was to go above and beyond.

By the end of it I found I’d fallen out of love with music. Not because the album isn’t great but because it was so much work for such little gain.
But that’s not why we do it is it?

We do it for love.

Which is why this will be the last full length album HUNG ever makes.
We may do some singles or EP’s in the future but for now this is it. This is our masterpiece. This is what it all built up to.
I hope you all enjoy Serendipity, I’m incredibly proud of it even if it was utter torment writing it.
Pick up a physical, t-shirt or preorder and make those two years feel less torturous here: " - Hung