CERBER - Stream New Album "Śmiara"

Polish Hardcore/Sludge band, Cerber are streaming their new album "'Śmiara" below.

'Śmiara' is a title for the second CERBER's longplay. Seven extraordinary compositions which spread over hardcore, sludge metal and alternative rock. Each of them is a tale of struggle. Stories of curses, gods and decay. 'Śmiara' is a fruit of change, experience, humiliation and patience - everything that makes CERBER a band and an individuals. Bitter, nihilistic stream of sounds in a very rough and unsetting edition is only one of the definitions one could use for the description of this release. 'Śmiara' is an unknown, painful and surprising pleasure.
'Śmiara' also states for patience.


1. Klątwa Ahaba
2. Haka
3. Religia jest gangreną ludzkości
4. Nanvk
5. Ztrwyznaina
7. Pusta Góra