On 13th of April we caught the "Defy Tour" that came through Vienna, Austria. Of Mice And Men are currently on a world tour with a couple of great bands, supporting their new record "Defy", that was released in January this year. They played in Arena venue in the big hall with Sylar and Wage War.

The doors opened at 7 p.m. and an hour later Sylar were first to play. Metalcore quintet was formed in Queens, New York in 2011 and its self-released debut EP, Deadbeat, arrived in 2013. A year later their debut full-length, To Whom It May Concern was released. Their style of playing really is unique, they bring freshness to the scene. With a lot of studio processing and heavily gated guitars, they create this really cool, kind of mechanical sound. Mostly they played tracks from the latest record "Help" and also some from "To Whom It May Concern". They opened the show with "Assume" and continued with "Yours Truly", from their first record. The hall filled up quickly after they started, so even thou they were the first band they had a nice audience. A bunch of people bellow stage were ready for the mosh pit to begin, and they didn't have to wait long. A great band to open any hardcore/metalcore show with and we hope to see them on a European tour again soon.

1. Assume
2. Yours Truly
3. Dark Daze
4. Soul Addiction
5. Gambit Rogue Delight
6. Pleasure Paradise
7. Golden Retreat

Second up, were rising stars Wage War, metalcore band from Florida. They started out in 2010 and 5 years later their debut album Blueprints was released. Their latest record was released last year, under the name "Deadweight". They have been touring and opening for big names for a while now and have been on a national headline tour last year. By the time they were up, the hall was nicely packed, and ready for the gig to start. Most tracks they played were from the recent release and also some older tracks. Already warmed up crowed was ready for more and the band did a great job. As a whole they work well, the harsh and clean vocals complement each other well. Mosh pit opened quickly, circle pit was inevitable and there was even some stage diving going on. Great band, totally worth checking out.

1. Alive
2. The River
3. Witness
4. Deadweight
5. Twenty One
6. Never Enough
7. Gravity
8. Don't Let Me Fade Away
9. Johnny Cash
10. Stitch

Headliners of the night were up. Of Mice&Men are currently supporting their new record "The Defy", that came out in January this year, and marks the bands first full-length release without vocalist Austin Charlile, who had to leave the band due to his ongoing battle with Marfan Syndrome. Still, the record has been ranking high on the charts, especially in the US. By the time they started to play, the hall was packed up full. People were having such a great time, hardcore dancing, there was plenty of head banging and crowed surfing going on. They played most of the songs from the new record, and also some from their: "Restoring Force" and "Cold World" album. They finished with the second album and played two more songs: The Flood and The Depths. The sound was great all through the show and we loved their performance. It was an awesome set and to all who came, great time was inevitable.

1. Defy
2. Warzone
3. Unbreakable
4. Would You Still Be There
5. You Make Me Sick
6. On The Inside
7. Pain cold world
8. Instincts
10. YDG / Still YDG'n / Forever YDG7n

11. The Flood
12. The Depths