HYRO THE HERO - Debuts First Music Video Single, "Bullet"

Houston-raised, LA-based rock/rapper HYRO THE HERO has resurrected his uniquely innovative fusion of rap and rock with the highly-awaited follow-up to his 2011 debut album "Birth, School, Work, Death" (produced by Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn, Glassjaw)) with his new release, "Flagged Channel".

Scheduled for release on June 29, 2018 via RED Music / SONY, "Flagged Channel" puts forth HYRO THE HERO's true lyrical credibility and hip-hop urgency on top of aggressive, uplifting and powerfully driven punk'n' roll. His lyrical missives target the vacuous materialism of the rap world's biggest pretenders with precision wordplay and heady flows, cutting through the tired narcissism of many hit makers with a celebration of the brash confidence that makes hip-hop so vibrant. HYRO conjures the blood, sweat, and tears of classic punk together with the ambition of arena rock.

Recorded with producer Mitch Marlow (Papa Roach, Butcher Babies, Filter), "Flagged Channel" smashes the windows of the mainstream with a Molotov cocktail of passion and inspiration over it's 12 tracks which consict of a combustible concoction of one part The Clash, one part Bad Brains, and several doses of reverence for hip-hop relevance. Featuring guest appearances from Munky (Korn) and Ash Costello (New Year's Day), the album is poised to inspire a new generation of heavy music enthusiasts and hip-hop heads in equal measure.

HYRO has unveiled the debut single "Bullet" with an empowering music video which premiered yesterday on Billboard. It's your brain that HYRO has his sights set on as he implores you to say mentally sharp, keep that in mind as you check out the music video for "Bullet" below!


1. Bullet (WATCH)
2. We Ain’t Afraid
3. Live Your Fuckin Life
4. Sick Of It All
5. Locked, Loaded, Ready
6. Killas Are Comin
7. Devil in Disguise
8. Get The Fuck Up
9. Do Or Die
10. Closed Casket
11. Never Back Down
12. Let The Snake Show

"Flagged Channel" is available now for digital pre-order, which includes an instagrat download of the debut single, "Bullet". Reserve your copy now at https://red.lnk.to/FlaggedChannel