HALCYON DAYS - Release New Video "Keeper"

Norwegian melodic hardcore band Halcyon Days have released a new video "Keeper", taken from their new upcoming album "Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh Cut Grass" that will be released June 15th on all digital platforms.


"The album tells stories in simple ways. The book of synonyms that we all love so dearly have been tossed out the window, focusing on a way more simple vocabulary. The stories talks about reflections of specific events or periods in our lives. The intention from our side was to write songs that wasn’t too open for interpretation, but as you read the lyrics you will get a view into our personal lives and thoughts, with the intent of having the listener being able to relate to the message the songs carry." - Halcyon Days


1. Fragments
2. Lights Out
3. July
4. Cerca Trova
5. Catcher
6. In Memoriam
7. Keeper
8. Monument
9. Winter
10. Friendship