ERRABYSS - Stream New Single "Purgatory"

Deathcore Djent outfit Errabyss are streaming below thier new single "Purgatory" from the upcoming new EP "Wither", out June 23rd.

Started in 2013 with current founding member Ricky Goveia (Lead Guitar). Later fitting the grooves and changes with new members such as Alexander Grimm (Drums) and Drew Conlin (Vocals) - who of which replaced previous vocalist Sean Smull. The current and only released work with Sean's work is the 2017 Single "Void Of Silence." Everything there after to have been recorded with Drew Conlin. 

Now in 2018, a new chapter of Errabyss has arrived. Starting off with the release of "Purgatory" off the upcoming EP release "Wither." Releasing June 23rd 2018. Along with the change of sound comes a line up swap. Vocalist Drew and Drummer Alex will be trading off places for this release and for the rest of the time being of Errabyss.