DEAD SHAPE FIGURE - Released Second Single From Their Upcoming New Album

Helsinki based melodic death metal band Dead Shape Figure has releases a new single ”Bolt Of Chaos And Creation” from their upcoming full length album ”Cacoëthes” to be released on June 8th 2018.

Vocalist Galzi background the single release: ”Bolt Of Chaos And Creation is lyrically one of the most important tracks on ’Cacoëthes’. Retorically asking and questioning the meaning of actions, causes and punishments and how they affect on the behavior of individual people.”

”When I was composing the riffs to ’Bolt Of Chaos And Creation’ it started to seem that this is going to be something more ceremonial. Something that bows towards life but is yet straight forward. We had to test this out on our live set long before the album was going to be released. And it truly seems that the song become flesh when played live. I have never been afraid of our compositions. Not before this.” Composer and guitar player of Dead Shape Figure Juhani describes.