TRYLAS - Featuring Tim Barbour of Blameshift Releases Debut Single "Reflection"

Tryals debuted their first single called “Reflection” off of their forthcoming new EP that will release later this year. The band features guitarist Tim Barbour of the band Blameshift, who is now taking on the role as front man of his new band Tryals. Barbour teamed up with original Blameshift drummer James Miller who is also the former drummer of For the Taking to create this power duo. The first single “Reflection” was mixed by Erik Ron and Anthony Reeder. Watch the lyric video for the single below!

"This is the premiere of our debut song Reflections" says lead vocalist Tim Barbour. It's about the fear in America and how out of hand things have gotten."

The project was created in the summer of 2017 in Miller’s home studio. The two have always had a strong connection since they began writing together back in 2004. What started off as a creative outlet to just play “some loud rock music” over some glasses of whiskey turned more serious once recording began. Barbour recalls, “I remember listening back to some parts we recorded and being overly impressed on what we just did. I looked over at James and said, so what are we going to call the band?”

Barbour wrote the lyrics of the song “Reflection” around what he noticed happening in our country. “The media instills fear into society and people become afraid to do basic things they thought were normal just years ago”, Barbour states. “My parents won’t get on an airplane, my neighbors won’t let their kids play in the park and I even think twice when I’m stuck in traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel leaving NYC.” The lyric video for the single depicts a post apocalyptic world of the future and the inevitable path we are on.