SOULLINE - Reveal Cover Art And Tracklist For New album "The Deep", Ready To Start The Leviathan Tour

Swiss melodic death metal act with some hardcore influences, Soulline has revealed a cover artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming new album "The Deep".

Soulline has been active in the Swiss metal scene since 2001, cementing their status as live band (almost 200 gigs) with major impact on their audience.


1. Nightmare
2. The Fall
3. Leviathan
4. Cool Breeze
5. Into Life
6. Filthy Reality
7. Deepest Me
8. The Game
9. The Deep End
10. Still Mind

The Deep will be released in September via Profane Records, the exact date will be announced shortly.

Soulline on the new album: "Deep is our new album in production. An album that was born from our 'as-usual" desire to play. A desire that never lacks from that far away 2000, the year of the beginning of our journey called Soulline.

We wanted to create new music to express what we feel inside... and this time our thoughts were "deep".

The Deep's lyrics are a full immersion in the chaotic depths of the human soul.

The sound of The Deep" is 100% Soulline: a mix of power and melody, melancholic harmonies that take you into a dark dimension, in the deep down.
In this album, compared to the previous Welcome My Sun, Ghebro will also sing some clean parts. The mix was entrusted to the expert hands of Dan Swanö, Swedish producer who has become an indispensable pawn in the Soulline's sound. The keyboards of the young artist Enea Adami and the drums played by Edo Sala (Folkstone) give The Deep the right final contribution."

The graphic has been entrusted to Seth Siro Anton: designer, artist and bass player/singer of the Greek group Septic Flesh.

Seth has curated the artworks of many bands on the international metal scene, standing out for its graphics always very "strong" and full of details.

Seth Siro Anton spoke on The Deep:

"This is one of the strongest work that I made, original powerful and with a lot of details. I wanted to make something new, fresh and original. So we have a killer Female Figure which represents totally the chaotic depth of Human existence."