WATCH THEM FADE - Reveal "Emptiness“ Cover Artwork And Tracklist

Watch Them Fade reveal the cover artwork and tracklist of their new album „Emptiness“. With this album, the guys from Würzburg take a step away from their traditional metalcore sound, because “Emptiness” stands out especially through its dark and tight atmosphere, which is perfectly staged by the massive and depressive sound from Marc Görtz (Caliban).

Already at the beginning, the first song, title track of the album, points out how emotional the band presents itself. The 12 songs are full of melodies, catchy refrains, emotional, quiet parts, heavy breakdowns and groovy riffs. WTF have made an enormous advancement with “Emptiness” and have found their own sound in 2018. The album was mastered by Olman Viper (Emil Bulls, Deadlock, Caliban, etc.).

The famous Street Art artist Marode is responsible for the artwork and the graphic design was done by Sebastian Lux (i.a. Thy Art Is Murder). „Emptiness“ will be released on 04.13.2018 through Bastardized Recordings.


1. Emptiness 
2. Other Than That 
3. Unanswered Questions 
4. Bring Me The Moon 
5. A New Hope 
6. Fix Me 
7. The Spark 
8. Eons Apart 
9. Remember Us 
10. Invincible 
11. Suffocated Memories 
12. The Darkest Hours