For the first time this year, Venue Kino Šiška was properly shuddered by three major bands. The Gods of Violence tour came to Slovenia on the 18th of January. Dagoba, Vader, and headliners Kreator performed in the big concert hall.

Dagoba performed in Slovenia for the first time, although  the performance was short, half an hour, it was really impressive. We can truly say that they are one of the best French groove metal acts who's sound is heavily influenced both by industrial and also symphonic elements, which are nicely embedded in some parts of the songs. They started at 7 p.m. and already had quite a few people under the stage. There was some moving and moshing going on right from the start. It would be great to enjoy them for a little longer, but we are still satisfied with the performance and set list. They played pieces from all periods of creating. They opened with: "I Reptile" from the album "Post Mortem Nihil Est", 2013. They also played "Inner Sun" from the new "Black Nova" album, that was released last year in August, and we dare to say that this is most likely their best work so far. We also heard "Sunset Curse" and other great hits. Towards the end, the crowd became even more enthusiastic. They closed the show with one of their earliest hits: "The White Guy (and the Black Ceremony)".

Next on stage were Polish death metal titans Vader. When they started, the hall was already nicely packed. In about an hour long performance they covered some of the classics and new material as well. They tirelessly progressed through the set list and nicely balanced between static and energetic playing. They played some brand new material as well, from their recently released album "Dark Age". The whole performance was well put together and the crowd was loving them. They played Dark Age, The Vicious Circle, The Final Massacre, The Crucified Ones, Chaos and many others.

Then it was time for the headliners of the evening. German thrash giants Kreator took over. The hall was packed and full of eager fans who couldn't wait for the gig to start. They played a lot of the songs from their brand new album Gods Of Violence, which is rapidly becoming one of their very best works and has exploded the charts around the world. After 30 years of performing, they haven't lost their edge at all. They opened the show with the "Phantom Antichrist", from the same titled album, from 2012. They continued with the new material: "Hail To The Hordes", which fully awakened the crowd. Probably almost everyone was participating, moving and moshing to the fast riffs. They continued with the "Enemy Of God" and "Satan Is Real" which received an even stronger response than the previous songs. After that, the energy was only rising and was on top through the whole performance. Songs like: People of the lie, Gods of Violence, Hordes of Chaos, Total Death were accepted with the intense response from the fans. After the crowd called them back to the stage they played three more songs: Fallen Brother, Betrayer and Pleasure to Kill.

All of the bands delivered with strong, excellent performances.  With such an exceptionally great pack of bands that we probably won't see again for a while in Ljubljana it truly was a memorable Thursday night.


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