GHOST ATLAS - Erra Guitarist Jesse Cash Releases Debut Album

Ghost Atlas, the solo vehicle for ERRA guitarist Jesse Cash, has released his debut album All is in sync, and there's nothing left to sing about. The 12 track record premiered exclusively with Loudwire who cited tracks like "the upbeat album opener 'Cry Wolf,' the more immediate-feeling and in-the-moment rocker 'Mirror Room,' the hypnotically-heavy Deftones-namechecking song 'Legs' and the lilting and dream-like 'Night Drive' ."

When asked about how he felt this album fit with prior releases, Cash said “I think this record, like the previous EPs I’ve released, still has a good contrast of negative themes weighted by positive solutions. The way that it differs for me is just the overall sound itself. Now that I’ve written a lot of material for the project, it seems to be falling more and more into its own identity. The direction of this record feels very realized, and the songs are in my opinion, the catchiest I’ve ever written.”

Cash began releasing music under the Ghost Atlas moniker in 2014 with Gold Soul Coma and the 2015 EP Immortal Youth. Being the sole member of band, the project is a very personal reflection of Cash's emotions, life experience and work. With that sense of independence, he invested thousands of dollars of his own money into the creation and release of the new album. Cash says "The freedom of total independence is super gratifying. It showcases a protective spirit towards the integrity of the music and general creative direction, as well as a more personal feeling of getting your music directly from the musician."

"All is in sync and there's nothing left to sing about" is available now on iTunes and Spotify.