On fifth of November we went to the Make Them Suffer show in Graz. In June 2017 they announced a national tour, and since then they have played all around Australia, US and Europe. In the support of the new album "Worlds Appart" they were on a European tour, with Novelists and Cursed Earth. 

This was the second time that we saw Make Them Suffer live and for the very first time we were on a show on Sunday. The show was held in the club "Explosiv".

We arrived around seven p.m. The first band had just started to play. Cursed Earth are a female fronted hardcore band from Perth, Australia. They joined the tour in the support of their debut album "Cycles Of Grief". By the time they started to play some people already gathered in front of the stage. Their performance was dramatic, chaotic on moments and the singer look like possessed from time to time, but it nicely complemented their style of sound. Some of the songs they played were: Enslaved, Consumed, Stark and others. 

After Cursed Earth, Novelists took the stage over. And with their progressive rhythms set a totally different mood and tone to the place. Right from the start the vocalist Matteo invited the audience to step forward which they immediately did. By the time they started to play the place was half full and remained till the end of the night. During the show the vocalist stepped into the crowed and sing most part of a song amongst the fans. It was a powerful performance, full of energy and emotions. Some of the songs they played were: Gravity, Twenty Years, Voyager, Immedicable and many others. 

Later the time has come for the headliners of the night. Make Them Suffer were right on time. With the opening song "Widower", from their first full-length album, the crowed became even more enthusiastic and started to participated more. We were wondering how the new album would sound live and when they continued the show with the first two songs from the new album: "The first Movement" and "Uncharted" they sounded great. There was one exception, for the first few songs we couldn't here the keyboard player and clean vocalist Booka Nile pretty well, but they improved the sound through the show. They continued the show with "Weeping Wastelands", couple of songs from Old Souls and some brand new songs as well. They played: Midnight Run, Fake, Vortex, Fireworks, Let Me In, Ether and closed the show with "Blood Moon". People were moving, mooshing and by the end of the show even a wall of death was inevitable.