On Monday 16th of October, we were once again at the Arena concert venue in Wien, on another gig. This time in the indoor smaller hall. We went to check out one of the shows of this years European & United Kingdom Stray From The Path Tour, which started on 5th of October in the London's Underworld Camden club. With such a compelling set of bands, the show began to be a must see for us this fall, and Arena was the closest choice.

The show was opened by Renounced, hardcore band from London, UK. The band was energetic, with the exception of the vocalist who had more melancholic approach to the performance. Quite a few people gathered and they were ready to heat up. It was a solid performance, that would have probably been truly impressive, with a little more encouragement from the band.

The program continued with Capsize. A Hardcore band from California, US. They have already been playing since 2009. At the beginning they had quite a few problems with the mics and sound in general, but when everything was settled, they delivered with a truly great performance. The crowed loved them, witch led to the first mosh pit of the night. The singer jumped into the crowed for one song. He was totally cool about one of the more enthusiastic fans who wanted to get the mic and later jumped on stage to take it,i or do something. Later security calmed him down a bit. They played: The Angst In My Veins, XX, Linger, they closed the show with Tear Me Apart.

It was time for Obey The Brave. Their set of songs was divided between older and new material. They have recently released an album, called "Mad Season", which in my opinion has some of their best hits so far. They started the show loud and energetic. Through the show the energy only grew, witch was felt in the great performance of the band and amongst the crowed. They played: On Our Own, On Thin Ice, Raise Your Voice, Drama, Med Season and others.

Headliners of the night were next. Stray From The Path hit the stage. When they began to play, the hall was fully packed with eager to party, and already warmed up fans from all the previous great performances. After eight albums, Stray From The Path are really gaining ground in the New York Hardcore scene. They recently released a new album Only Death Is Real, after which this falls tour is called. It was a show with powerful riffs, great vocals, intense performing of the whole band and the crowed was loving them. They played: Goodnight Alt-right, Badge & A Bullet, Outbreak, Black Friday, and others.

At the end of the night, all of us went very satisfied to our homes and with great memories of the show.