A SECRET REVEALED - New Video "Grieved“ Released

"Grieved" is the first song A Secret Revealed release with their new vocalist and it lays the foundation for the successor of their debut "The Bleakness". Regarding its mixture of melodic and aggressive parts as well as its organic and dynamic production this song is pointing the way ahead to the future style of the band. The new vocalist Michael Heim (ex-Necrotted, Guiding Light Demise) completes the sound with his aggressive, diverse voice. Oppressive vocals, blast beats and recurrently emerging atmospheric moments create a melancholic, gloomy sound that feels like a natural progression of „The Bleakness“. „Grieved“ was released digitally and as a video on 07.07.2017 via Bastardized Recordings.

iTunes: http://apple.co/2sS6qUn