Another year around and finally time for a new edition of Impericon Festival. This year for us was special. It was the first time we visited the festival in Munich. The festival took place in six major European cities: Vienna, Leipzig, Manchester, Zurich, Oberhausen, and Munich. With start in Vienna on 14th of April and end in Munich on 30th of April. With its range of bands, the festival was just as memorable as the previous years. This time around the German bands prevailed.

The festival took place in Zenith venue. There was a lot going on during the shows. At the entrance you could play video games, there were two playstations. There was also a stall where you were able to test different Ibanez Guitars. There was a giant stall for merchandise through the half of the room. They also organized meet and greet, so fans had the chance to meet some of the bands.

The first band to hit the stage was AYS. Hardcore band from Germany. Although the festival doors had just opened they had a good audience, an energetic performance, and overall a memorable show.

Then it was time to slow things down a bit. Next to perform were Trade Wind. A post-hardcore side project from Jesse Barnett, vocalist from Stick To Your Guns, who were also special guests of the festival. Trade Wind have released their first studio album last year, they also have one EP from 2014. With the fusion of dreamy melodies and harsh riffs, accompanied by clean vocals and screams they are diverse and original at what they do.

Australian In Hearts Wake were next to play. When they started to play the place was already nicely packed. They gained the audience's attention right away and took the energy to the next level. It was a powerful performance, well excepted by the crowed.

Later it was time for more German bands. Wolf Down gave another powerful hardcore performance. With the energetic performance and punk attitude, they won the crowd over.

Then things gone in a totally different direction. Next to play the stage were Swiss And Die Andern. Their music is out of the ordinary, different, a kind of fusion of rap, punk and rock. I guess they are one of those bands that you either except or hate, a few people were really enthusiastic and participated in the show. They finished even more out of the ordinary, they played some accordion music.

The festival continued with Miss May I from the States. This was the last chance to see them play before they had back home, with this performance they finished the European tour. The crowd awaited them and they lifted the atmosphere right back up. So the show continued with moshing, circle pits and energetic dancing. They recently released a brand new album "Shadows Inside".

From this point on, the festival continued with big names. It was about time to hear some deathcore. Carnifex was next to play. Another truly excellent performance, with a pleasant surprise towards the end of the show. For the last song Chris "CJ" McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder, joined to sing with them. They lifted the atmosphere to the next level.

And then came time for the true stars of the festival. Thy Art Is Murder took the stage over. From the very first song, through the hole show to the very last song, the room was full of energy. Everybody was moving, you didn't see a person standing still. It was a show full of moshing, circle pits, walls of death, and so on. They also finished in style. CJ called the fans to join them on stage. He asked the crowed, something like: Can a couple of these guards bellow really stop all of you? I don't think so! So then people started climbing on stage to sing, dance, and mosh with them. It was an awesome to witness and even more awesome filling to be the part of it all.

Later on, it was time to slow things down a bit again, after so much brutality it was nice to relax a bit. Being As An Ocean played the stage. With their melodic sounds, they made an atmospheric but still powerful performance.Their brand new album "Waiting for Morning To Come" is just about to come out. It will be released in a few days. Soon after appearing on stage, vocalist Joel Quartuccio went into the crowed and sing among the fans and with them. Later it seemed like he didn't want to return to the stage. Through almost all the last songs he stayed in the crowed. It was an emotional performance, full of energy among the fans.

For all the punk fans the stars of the show were yet to play. The twelve band of the day were Anti-Flag. It was a dynamic, very energetic performance. They amazed a good majority of people listening. They had a big finish. For the last song, they took the whole drum set down in the crowed and played among the fans.

After Anti-Flag we heard some more hardcore, Stick To Your Guns from California were next to perform. With the fast hardcore riffs and the mixture of melodic singing and screaming they impressed the crowed, a great number of people participated in the show. Their whole set list was chosen by the fans, on the internet before the festival. So another surprise for the fans of Impericon.

The festival was coming to an end and another German rock band was to perform. Emil Bulls played the stage next. Since they have been playing for more than 20 years they have a great deal of variety in their songs. From more alternative rock to metal core and nu metal riffs they are diverse and different at what they do. Another great performance.

The 14th, final band to play were German Caliban. After a long day of partying, people gathered strength for the headliners of the festival. It was one of the most visually interesting performances, with all the lights and displays they created a great atmosphere. Among all their hits we could hear also a cover of the Rammstein hit "Sonne". They lifted the audience with every song, a truly powerful performance. They have proven that they truly are the titans of this scene.

We left the festival filled with great impressions. We can't wait for next year!