MINERVA - Release Debut Single With Lyric Video

London-based post-hardcore band released their debut single "Victims" with lyric video!

"The concept behind the video is about the unstable world of war and peace, the positions taken and the actions of governments and citizens themselves. As a band we all have a clear idea about the subject and we wanted to put it in words. The idea is to raise awareness of all those who will come into contact with our project to the subject, trying to reflect on the fact that all this is wrong, violence raises violence, we are killing our hopes and lives by following which principles? It is no coincidence in the video, and in our graphics, there are men with dog heads symbolizing the submission of man to the "masters" who move their pawns only for their own interests, believing that everything is right and that everything is fine Minerva, on the other hand, is a symbol of hope in fighting this, represents a model to follow for those who really want to change. "