ISLANDER - Van Robbed Of Everything Inside

While on tour supporting I Prevail, Islander's van was robbed of everything in Texas.
The band posted a statement on Facebook with a picture of birds. Read the statement below.
You can help the band by donating them on their Paypal.

"See these birds? They are eating random pieces of popcorn outside of Target right now. They are taken care of. They find strings and sticks and paper to build their homes. And that's what we do. God provides strings and sticks and random things for us. All we have to do is be grateful for them. This is what it's like being in a band. Our personal belongings (passports, laptops, iPads, money, in ear monitors, video game systems, medications, external hard drives, etc...) and some of our gear was stolen last night. But you can't steal the heartbeat of a punk. People that do hurtful things are people that are hurting. If you have ever been forgiven for something, then you know how amazing it feels to be forgiven. We choose forgiveness today, and we choose to love today. Pray for those that are hurting and feel the need to do hurtful things, family. Choose love and keep that P.M.A.!

Here is the official link to our PayPal if you would like to help. We love you."