DREAMING AWAKE - Releases Music Video & SIgns With Imminence Records

Imminence Records had to fight off harmless diamondbacks, but they have welcomed Arizona’s metalcore outfit Dreaming Awake to the family. In preparation for their eleven track barrage on the ears in the form of Friction Lives, the band has released the lead single entitled “Friction.” The single also features guest vocals from Sycamour’s Jeremy Gilmore, whom is joined by Dillon Jones of Incredible Me as guest vocalists on the album.

""Friction" is the title track off the album, essentially the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to the underlying theme of the album, which is conflict, push and pull, giving and taking, and all that is the friction in our lives. It shows someone trapped within the conflicts of their lives, searching for a way out from their demons and struggles, reliving it over and over, until they let go and move with their friction and not against it.” - Vaughn Bell (Screamer)

1. It Lives
2. Friction (feat Jeremy Gilmore of Sycamour)
3. The Revenge Of Regina George
4. Acta Non Verba (feat Dillon Jones of Incredible Me)
5. Devil Skin
6. Empty Avenues Lead To Bad News
7. Support Group
8. There's Something In The Air
9. This World Ain't Big Enough
10. Tranquility Lane
11. Smooth Or Not, Diamonds Still Scratch