BELIAL - Hear Brand New Track

Belial have unleashed the latest new track "In Extremis" from their sophomore EP 'Nihil Est', released Jan 27th!

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The nightmarish new release features full instrumentals of 'Nihil Est' plus the bands crushing debut self titled EP, previously unavailable on CD until now!
Preorder digitally and receive 'In Extremis' as an instant gratification track!

1. In Extremis
2. Eon
3. Naught
4. Odium
5. In Origin
6. In Extremis (Instrumental)
7. Eon (Instrumental)
8. Naught (Instrumental)
9. Odium (Instrumental)
10. In Origin (Instrumental)
11. Heroin Holidays
12. Wraiths
13. Host
14. Wen
15. Parasite