ASKING ALEXANDRIA - Pays Back To An Artist That Ex-Vocalist Denis Stoff Owed Money For Featuring That Didn't Happen

Two weeks ago we exclusively reported how now ex-vocalist of Asking Alexandria, Denis Stoff owed money to artist Maxime Solemn for featuring that at the end didn't happen. Denis Stoff was at that time vocalist for the band Down & Dirty before joining Asking Alexandria.

Yestraday Maxime Solemn just got an email, saying Asking Alexandria sent 500 dollars to his Paypal. Ben personally contacted him on Twitter and said he'd pay him back the money that he lost to Denis and they did. Proving once again why this band is winning so hard in every single aspect. He said : "I'm lost for words right now. Thank you."

Asking Alexandria and Ben had nothing to do with said theft. They're the ones paying him back, even though Denis was the one who owed money.