This time around the road took us to a little city between Austrian alps, Kapfenberg. We attended the EnCore Festival with a really interesting lineup.  Headliners H2o had to cancel, so the promoters had to find a replacement in short time (one week), and this came with a bang! None other than Betraying The Martyrs! The rest of the bill was German Annisokay and Traitor Like Judas, Prague finest hardcore Skywalker and Austrian bands Cannonball Ride, Barrier Reef/The Great, DeeCracks and Mess.

Sadly we missed out the first two opening bands Mess and Barrier Reef/The Great. So we arrived when three piece DeeCracks smashed with their punk rock.

Next on stage were Cannonball Ride. We saw them before with their Modern or Nu metal if you want, but this time they left with more than just good impression! Catchy melodies, good songs structure, groove, they had it all. One of that nice surprises when you are attending the festivals and hope to catch a band that will impress you.

The next on the bill was Czech hardcore fury Skywalker. In the vain of Neck Deep, they literally ripped off the stage with pure raw hardcore in your face energy. Circle pits were a must in this case! Dave, frontman of Annisokay watched the whole show in front of the stage!

Speaking of Annisokay, seeing them next after some time and a new album coming out was a pleasure. If you still don't know them, they are five piece post-hardcore band. Guitarist Christoph never disappoints with his cleans and Dave screams his best with a strong stage presence as always.

Traitor Like Judas was next. German metalcore, one of their best! We could see nice crowd participation, mosh and all that goes bye with that.

The moment has arrived, the final act of the night! Betraying The Martyrs proved once again that they are a well-oiled machine!
We could hear the new track "The Great Disillusion" who made also a video for it not so long ago. Wall of death, circle pits, mosh, headbanging. You name it, we could see it all!

The only sad news about this was that there were only more than hundred people at the festival. Why? It could be for several reasons that we could only guess. Maybe for the last minute headliner replacement, but probably not, or just maybe that Annisokay and especially Traitor Like Judas are not such appeal that maybe some other bands would do instead.

At the end, it was never the less a beautiful evening with great bands that we spent!