INMATE - New Line-Up Revealed

After one year lull, the Inmate are returning with a renewed lineup. The band will from now on have two vocalists: Aleksander Kolar (ex Roadkill BBQ) and an old acquaintance Marko Duplisak (ex Supremacy, ex Lastdayhere) who has been involved with the band from the very first album, Free At Last 2012. On the Bass will be Miha Oblisar, known as the first vocalist of Inmate. As a session guitarist will be David Vodopivec from the band Sober Assault. Original member remains only guitarist Andrej Bezjak and drummer Jure Grudnik.

The boys are currently into intensive preparations for concerts, preparing video for the song Endelss Desires from the current album Tree of Life. In progress is even the making of a DVD from the last album show release party Tree of Life, whoes outcome will be known soon. Learn more about current developments out on their facebook page.