LOUDER THAN QUIET - Examines Racial Injustice in New Music Video

Maryland quintet Louder Than Quiet has released a new music video for their single "Gypsies R Us". The band marries elements of post hardcore and death metal in the new video which depicts an issue many are familiar with; racial injustice. The lyrics for the track were inspired by a time where vocalist Ali Rezghi's mother was judged for her economic status (peers referred to her as a "gypsy" when the family lost their home).

"The track seemed to really resonate with tons people when we first previewed it on our warped tour contest profile," says Rezghi. "When we started coming up with ideas for the video, we decided it should be something we dedicate to the fans and to anyone who knows how it feels to be judged."

"Gypsies R Us" was shot by Scott Hansen of Digital Thunderdome and will be on Louder Than Quiet's upcoming EP that is slated for release on the anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting. Purchase the single here.