GRASPOP METAL MEETING 2016 - The final countdown begins

On 17th, 18th and 19th June, the world’s heaviest rock and metal bands will wreak havoc on the Stenehei in Dessel. The line-up for the 21st edition of Graspop Metal Meeting features over 100 bands including IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH, VOLBEAT, MEGADETH, TWISTED SISTER, KING DIAMOND, NIGHTWISH and AMON AMARTH. But there’s more to GMM than just a top-drawer line-up. How about a wrestling show, a bit of shopping, a culinary tasting experience at the Food Truck Fest or maybe you’d like to try your hand at the hook-a-duck? With a varied and chockful programme of activities to choose from, there’s no room for boredom at this three-day high mass of heavy metal in the ‘peaceful’ Kempen region.

DJ Carl is a household name at GMM. Since 1998, this metal master extraordinaire has been stringing together the best hard rock and metal classics. This year he’ll be blasting the top 50 metal tracks of all time through the Metal Dome speakers. Click on this link and send us your personal top 3 by Monday 23rd May at the latest to help decide which bands deserve to be part of this ultimate top 50. Voting closes at 9 pm.

On Friday we’re honouring our fallen (metal) heroes. Lemmy, Peter Steele, RJ Dio, David Bowie, Prince, Gary Moore … We have no doubt you’ll honour them in true metal fashion. Scream your heads off, crank out your best air guitar moves and bang your heads like there’s no tomorrow!

On Sunday evening, the Hair Metal Extravaganza kicks off as soon as Twisted Sister have packed it in. The Metal Dome is the place to be if you’re up for a retro closing party featuring a truckload of classic singalong metal tunes and clips by Mötley Crüe, Kiss, W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, Steel Panther, Van Halen, Warrant, Guns N’ Roses, Cinderella and many more! Be sure to stop off at the Jupiler containers for that signature 80s make-up and a hairspray deluxe treatment!

Does your beard need a trim? Need help getting that unruly mop of hair under control? Or could you use a shot of pure oxygen after a gruelling festival night (apparently it’s the perfect remedy for a hangover)? Then take a stroll along Metal Boulevard, situated between the campsite and the festival arena. You can also collect free earplugs and have your hearing tested at the Earplug stand.

At the Festival Fair you will find everything from unique clothing items to rare CDs and cool accessories. By the way, as of this year, access to the Metal Market is free of charge! Another novelty is the Foodtruck Fest, a cosy little square next to the Ferris wheel where you can sample anything but traditional festival food.

The ‘Ducks of Thrash’ were a major hit last year so we just had to bring them back. Hand in 20 empty cups or bottles at the recycling stand next to the bumper cars and you can have a go at the hook-a-duck stall. Prizes great and small are on offer including a bumper car ride or a spin on the Ferris wheel. The most coveted prizes are a backstage tour, a ‘fast lane ticket’ that will take you to the head of the queue at the signing stand or a skydeck pass to watch the action from the raised platform in front of the main stages. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start collecting those empty cups!

Ticket info

Festival tickets (combi and day tickets) are still available from Go to for more details on ticket sales.

  • Graspop tokens in presale
    Obviously you can still buy them at the festival from the token machines or the token stands.
  • Bungalows at Sunparks
  • Campervan pitches in Metal Town
    A limited number of festihuts and festicabins is still up for grabs in Metal Town so don’t dawdle. Campervan pitches have sold out but the private campsites in the area will gladly accommodate you.
  • VIP tickets for the weekend and for Sunday 19th June
    That means VIP tickets for Friday 17th June and Saturday 18th June are still for sale.