DREAMER & SON - Premieres Entire Debut EP

Ambient rockers Dreamer & Son, whose drummer was previously in The Oversight, are pleased to finally unleash their debut EP, entitled Written Off, Moving On, to the masses. The five track EP, which is out now, brings to mind the likes of Tides of Man, Gates, and Kings of Leon to listeners who marvel at the expertise the band shows in their music.

"’Written Off, Moving On’ is a story. From start to finish, the record presents the trials of growing up a misfit. However, the finale of the five track EP, “Not One Dry Eye”, brings about a new perspective that implies hope and acceptance. The songs, while purposely sad in nature, are organized in a way that reinforces the fact that things do get better. Our goal with Written Off, Moving On is to set a solid foundation of positivity and love so that we may build upon it for the rest of our careers." - Sayak Das (Vocals/Guitar)