DIE TRYING - 'Blues for Cursed’ EP has been released

The highly anticipated EP of Die Trying ‘Blues for Cursed’ has been released, available in all digital stores. This is the first real album of unpublished works where the band managed to enclose their own spirit, which they define "Infernal Southern HC". Powerful melodies and vocal lines, with black metal influences and heavy riffs confirm a deep credibility in the environment after the consensus obtained from their previous self-titled EP, released in 2014.

The track " Blues For The Cursed ", shines through, and is considered by the band the song that maintains the essence of the entire EP, elected to be first single of the album.

The four founding members got together in 2013 to form a band, and they all graduated from previous experiences in bands populating the underground scene in Milan (K -Again, Traces of You, Young Blood, A Faded Glory, Xternals). In early 2016 Marco, who used to play in “Traces of You” band, officially joined the Dye Trying Army as second guitarist.


- Relentless and Possessed
- Day of Anger
- Disembodied
- Blues for the Cursed
- Replace the Deadman
- Tombstone Abyss